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Would've been healthier if I didn't add any whipped cream to this:

...but I did. :9

I love summer.

My cake kicks so much ass!

OK, I don't know if you remember but I mentioned it here that I wanted to make a cake like the one in Portal, the video game, for Sean's birthday. (Image here and on my user icon.) But then we found a new place and the next thing I knew we were packing stuff and all so I didn't have any time to make one back then. And since today (Wednesday) is our anniversary, I had a brand new reason to make one.

Here are some cell cam pics that I took so I could email the progress to Sean while he's at work.

click clickCollapse )

And here are the nicer pics later on. And no, no LJ cut for this one because I'm still basking in my glory. OMG I MADE A PROPER CAKE AND IT ROCKS!!!!!

Not so good low light picture, but we've gotta try to mimic how the cake like in the video game.

Not so sharp picture because I couldn't wait to eat my slice.

And a not so good picture of us with the cake.

OK, that's it. Thank you for your patience. I know you'll forgive me for spamming your friends page. :]


house cleaning

1. Changed my username. Finally! Yay!

2. Deleted some folks off my friends list. Usual reason, i.e. they never update their LJ anymore.

Anyway, that's it! Have a good weekend everyone! :)



The largest earthquake drill in US history. I'm excited. We're going to open a shelter and everything. Although, turned out our evacuation point is a palm tree outside the office. WTF? Should we worry about the coconuts?

chicken tortilla soup

I found the recipe here. This is my new favorite meal because it's semi-homemade and doesn't take that long to make. Although, instead of sticking with the how-to instruction, I seasoned my chicken breasts with salt and pepper, seared them in a pot, and remove them once they're browned. With the left over oil in that pot (now flavored with chicken fat) I dumped the onion, garlic, and other seasoning, then dumped everything else in, including the shredded chicken. Easy, easy, easy!


Aug. 6th, 2008

My thread of choice, or something else, didn't get along with the sewing machine so I've pretty much been doing everything by hand. No, wait. That's not true. I've been doing ALL of it by hand. So needless to say, my wrists have been begging me for a vacation, but I shall have this hanging on my wall, dammit!

♥ Carnations! ♥

I hope everyone is having a GREAT weekend! :)


Getty View

Part of I-405 and The Getty beyond the smog. (Yuck!)

birthday cupcakes

To bring to Sean's work tomorrow. :)